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For a machine that denotes the appearance of an intense new player in the UK market, there’s something disarmingly unpretentious about the BYD Atto 3 2023. Given the colossal desire of the producer that produces it, you could anticipate a major, sensational assertion: all things being equal, here’s a completely respectable family SUV that conducts itself with calm certainty.

BYD ATTO 3 2023 UK

Never knew about BYD? All things considered, the Chinese firm was just established in 1995 and is basically a battery and innovation producer – and it has an extensive range. In the event that you have a cell phone or PC, there’s a decent opportunity for BYD to deliver the batteries. Been on electric transport of late? That could well be a BYD, as well. What’s more, in the event that you’ve actually got a pile of facial coverings from the pandemic, BYD could well have made them.

Essentially, BYD is a firm that likes to develop discreetly – yet it generally does so rapidly. Quite a while back, it fanned out into vehicle creation, searching for roads to apply its battery innovation; last year, it sold almost 1.9 million EVs. It’s a mind-blowing example of overcoming adversity, yet it’s one led absent a lot of fights. What’s more, BYD is by all accounts adopting that strategy to enter the UK market. It very well may be showing up generally unobtrusively, yet it is determined to have 30 showrooms (indeed, real actual showrooms: no online-just ‘organization model’ for BYD) in the country before the current year over, and around 100 by 2025.

In China, BYD offers a full scope of vehicles spreading over all sections of the market, yet it will send off here with a solitary model – albeit the Atto 3 is a critical one. It’s now an enormous dealer in China, where it’s known as the Yuan In addition to. In Europe, it’s been rebranded and gets its name from an Attosecond (one quintillionth of a second, evidently).

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Assessment: BYD’s freedom lines it up for European EV control
The Atto 3 is the main BYD based on its e-Stage 3.0, a custom electric skateboard suspension that takes full advantage of the company’s capacities. So exhaustively in an upward direction coordinated is BYD that it creates its own batteries, engines, drivetrains, and semiconductors, which are all utilized for this model. That incorporates the company’s particular lithium-iron-phosphate Edge Battery, which highlights cells mounted in slight strips straightforwardly to the pack, which, BYD expresses, considers a lot higher thickness than customary battery packs.

As the Atto 3, that strong new stage and innovation have been utilized to deliver an actually very customary medium-sized SUV. It’s marginally greater than a Kia Niro EV and somewhat more modest than a Volkswagen ID 4. The outside styling is charming, without truly sticking out: envision a blend of a Honda CR-V and a Volkswagen ID 3.

The Atto 3 will be presented in three trim levels in the UK however with a solitary spec, highlighting a 201bhp engine and a battery with a 60.5kWh usable limit. That gives a fair authority scope of 261 miles and productivity of 3.98 miles per kWh. We found the middle value of nearer to 3.2mpkWh on our test course in a chilly climate.

Discussing the chilly climate, the Atto 3 highlights an intensity siphon as standard, which isn’t normal in this class. There are a lot of standard packs, truth be told. Base-level Dynamic models include warmed front seats, an all-encompassing sunroof, and a vehicle-to-stack yield.

Base-spec models just get a 7kW charger, while mid-spec Solace machines include an 11kW unit. On a DC charger, the Atto 3 can be charged at a limit of 88kW.

In the event that the outside is harmless, BYD’s fashioners have plainly had a great time on the inside, and in a generally excellent way: everything feels charming and there’s a genuine person, with a perfectly measured proportion of eccentricity. The predominant aspect is the touchscreen, which on our top-spec Configuration trim model is estimated an incredible 15.6in. It hosts a get-together stunt, as well: it can turn from scene to picture. It’s a slick touch, however likely the kind of thing you’ll play with a couple of times and afterward conclude which you like.

The infotainment framework is for the most part instinctive and all-around planned, with the key capabilities simple to access without poking your direction through heaps of sub-menus. Pleasingly, there are a small bunch of actual buttons to get to key capabilities, as well, and voice control, on the off chance that you like things like this.

Somewhere else, the drive data show is clear and the fundamental driver controls are very much spread out. The plan of the air vents – they’ve upstanding rings that seem as though you could rack your old Compact disc assortment in them – might be a mixed bag – and the inside entryway handles are situated on the speakers, which is a piece odd. Lower down, the side of the entryway canisters includes ropes hung like guitar strings. They’re entirely compelling, yet in the event that you have children, hope to get completely exhausted of them being boisterously twanged on lengthy excursions.

Out and about, the Atto 3 is, indeed, disarmingly genuine. It is precisely the exact thing you’d maintain that an electric family SUV should be: speed increase is quick however not excellent, while the controlling is responsive if a little unengaging. There are different drive modes and a couple of levels of brake recovery, in spite of the fact that there is definitely not an entire one-pedal capability, and as is much of the time the case with EVs, the brakes come up short on the dash of feel. It positively rides well on rough UK streets, absorbing flaws and irregularities to make for a pleasingly smooth ride.

The Atto 3 is estimated from £36,490, ascending to £38,990 for the top-spec Configuration model we tried. That is serious for this class of vehicle, despite the fact that it’s remarkable that BYD plainly hasn’t embarked on fundamentally undermining opponents to guarantee a piece of the pie. The firm still can’t seem to uncover what money arrangements will be on offer and, as could be, much will rely upon those regularly scheduled installments. For that cash, you get a completely respectable, wonderful electric family SUV. Maybe the greatest thump on the Atto 3 is that there isn’t exactly a squeezing motivation to entice a UK purchaser away from a more recognizable brand. Of course, in the event that a purchaser meanders into a genuine, actual BYD showroom, they won’t track down anything to frighten them away.

This may be a general purpose: numerous producers sending off in a market do as such with a strong vehicle that offers a fabulous expression. However, with the Atto 3, BYD has bounced straight into one of the most serious vehicle fragments going – and delivered a valid competitor. In like that, in its calm capability, the Atto 3 is an assertion of immense desire for BYD’s likely arrangements


What’s going on here?

Goodness, one more Chinese electric vehicle you won’t ever know about. What’s more, this one comes from the greatest electric-vehicle organization you’ve never known about, BYD. It moved in excess of 900,000 electric vehicles in 2022, for the most part in China yet progressively somewhere else. The Atto 3 is a really clear little to-medium electric hybrid.

Think Kia Niro EV. Without a doubt more modest than a VW ID.4 or Skoda Enyaq or Toyota bZ4X, and greater than a Peugeot e-2008. It’s quite taller than an MG4 or VW ID.3 or Renault Megane E-Tech Electric. It’s an entirely tenable opponent to the second-age Kia, which appears hard to accept until you find out about BYD, so we should simply go there first.

BYD? Get out Whatever?

BYD is one of the world’s greatest battery producers. It fabricates electric trains, transports (many of them running in London, under Alexander Dennis bodies), network capacity units, vehicles, and batteries for all the above as well with respect to electronic contraptions. BYD has 600,000 representatives of which a somewhat stunning 50,000 are engineers.

One representative you could have known about is BYD’s plan chief, Wolfgang Egger. He did the Alfa 8C Rivalries and 156 during his experience as head fashioner there, and afterward went to Audi and created the Q2.

The Atto 3 is the primary vehicle on BYD’s freshest electric stage, which can possibly take FWD, RWD, and AWD. Also, 400V or 800V. They also, come in different sizes for low-threw vehicles or SUVs. BYD is across everything: the battery, engine, hardware, chips, and programming are all homebrewed. Furthermore, extremely progressed.

The Atto 3 appears to be somewhat unambitious as an initial step: FWD, 400V, and a 60kWh battery. In any case, that is the sort of vehicle selling insanely in Europe, thus the Atto 3 is designated to develop a somewhat huge presence in a brief time frame.


The outside is perfectly executed yet nobody will faint. It talks about recognizable dialects. The full-width front and backlighting, blanked-out grille, and metallic back side boards say ‘EV’. The tall extents, rooftop rails, and lower cladding talk ‘hybrid’.

Inside, however, things get much bolder. It’s splendidly hued and the shapes are swoopy. Subtleties lie somewhere close to perky and messy. Your children will adore it, and assuming that stops them from becoming ill or whining they’re not there yet, it’s worth the effort. The lodge is likewise appropriately open for the size of the vehicle. For inclining further toward all that, click the Inside tab of this survey.

Furthermore, TO DRIVE?

The speed increase is smooth, directed all around aligned, the ride is commonly flexible. It dodges the galumphing weighty feel of an ID.4. The Atto 3 is a simple vehicle to coexist with if a trickier one to draw in with. Up to this point, so family EV hybrid.

It is somewhat flawed. The brakes are soaked. The ride goes a piece as it needs for damping. The HMI has a couple of irritating perspectives, including what should be the world’s littlest speedo. Yet, generally, it’s unequivocally aggressive. More subtleties in the Driving tab.

Definitely, the battery isn’t that huge nor is the reach, 260 miles, on paper great. However, a standard intensity siphon implies it ought to perform powerfully throughout the entire year.

DO YOU Figure BRITS WILL Acknowledge IT?

All things considered, over the long haul our nation has been inviting to new unfamiliar brands. Toyota, Datsun, Lada, Hyundai, and Kia became normal here before they did somewhere else in Europe. MG is selling like insane here, and everybody knows that is Chinese.

A large portion of those brands showed up as somewhat of a fool, their most memorable vehicles in reverse and rough, however modest. They got better as deals developed. However, BYD’s vehicles have previously improved. The Atto 3 is estimated to coordinate with the laid-out resistance, is better prepared, and generally feels like it’s procured at that cost.

BYD ATTO 3 2023


Atto is a SI prefix, similar to kilo, mega, Milli, and miniature. It implies 18 zeros after the decimal point. They maintain that you should consider an attosecond: a time period so quick it can’t be estimated. Gracious.

Also, BYD represents Assemble Your Fantasies. It even explains this beneath the Atto 3’s back window. Presently to English ears Fabricate Your Fantasies seems like a motto imprinted in a fantastic text style on a tea towel. Not in half-inch chrome letters all over the tail of a vehicle.

YOU Notice Innovative…
BYD’s most recent vehicles, including the Atto3, utilize a cell-to-pack battery, which the remainder of the vehicle business has been discussing for quite a long time yet not yet doing. Standard electric vehicle batteries tie their cells into modules, and their modules into the pack. Cell-to-pack puts the cells straightforwardly into the primary case as opposed to into middle-of-the-road modules. BYD is calling it a ‘cutting-edge battery’. It implies a 50% greater amount of the general pack size comprises the significant digit, the cells that drive you along.

This implies the Atto 3 can pull off a less energy-thick science. Its cells have anodes of lithium, iron, and phosphate (LFP). Most opponents need more energy-thick lithium manganese cobalt (LMC) anodes. LFPs are less expensive, tougher, and less delicate in high-temperature quick charging. Also, they don’t utilize cobalt, a component that has been again and again getting from disaster areas.

There’s one more critical first here. The Atto 3’s engine, power gadgets, charger, AC-DC inverter, DC converter, and battery board framework are totally bundled into one unit. This saves weight and wiring and further develops proficiency.

Albeit the BYD Atto 3 2023 sounds like your next all-singling, all-moving cell phone, it is truth be told a spic and-span electric SUV from the Chinese brand Construct Your Fantasies. Assuming that chimes are as of now ringing, this is on the grounds that this isn’t the main BYD vehicle to come to the UK. Those that live around London could recollect Green Tomato taxis running a couple of electric e6 MPVs, while BYD likewise teamed up with transport and mentor firm Alexander Dennis on open vehicle EVs.

Detecting a running subject here? BYD is exceptionally glad for its electric ability, making the batteries, engines, control units, and all the other things you want for an EV. They even make semiconductors, so supply ought not to be an issue by the same token. With many fabricates citing stand-by seasons of months, BYD’s UK group is discussing only a fortnight between a request being put in and a vehicle being conveyed in the UK.

BYD’s invulnerability from supply issues helps, as does a refreshingly basic setup. The Atto 3 comes in three exceptional trims without any choices put something aside for variety, and keep in mind that you can arrange on the web, all buys go through a seller. Recall those?

BYD Atto 3 2023 driving profile

Consider me intrigued, rivals?
At 4455mm long, it finds some middle ground between the Kia Niro EV and Volkswagen ID.4, albeit the bootylicious Skoda Enyaq is longer than for comparable cash. While the Atto 3 is unquestionably an SUV, you could likewise consider it as a more functional option in contrast to hatchbacks, for example, the Cupra Conceived, Renault Megane E-Tech, or MG 4.

The BYD Atto 3 has a serious in the event that not remarkable reach. Based on the brand’s third-age electric stage and controlled by a 60.5kWh battery, the official reach is 260 miles, which is around 20 miles not exactly the Renault Megane E-Tech electric and Kia Niro EV. However, it ought to in any case be enough for most proprietors’ requirements.

Top-up times are normal. The Atto 3 backings DC quick charging, yet just at speeds up to 88kW – and that implies a 30-80% lift requires 29 minutes. The lead Volkswagen ID.4 can acknowledge 125kW of force, permitting it to it charge from 10-80% limit in a similar time notwithstanding having a higher limit battery.

What’s it like to drive?

Completely equipped, albeit missing the last tad of cleanness contrasted with Europe’s ideal. The Atto 3 is unashamedly set up for solace, with delicate suspension that makes a decent clenched hand of absorbing unevenly surfaced B streets. You’ll hear the suspension pounding and crashing endlessly as the knocks pass, yet the commotion is quite often more serious than the shock felt.

Notwithstanding, while it doesn’t feel like a willowy land yacht thanks to sensible body control, you know about your head being shaken around tenderly while going over undulating streets. With completely regular swagger front and multi-connect free back suspension, delicate springs normally mean a fair piece of roll in twists, yet there’s sufficient hold and self-restraint to gain sensible headway cross-country.

Move beyond a touch of gloopy unclearness around the straight ahead and the Atto 3 can be put exactly enough while cornering. There’s some torque-steer on the off chance that you plant it out of more slow corners, while the ESC is fairly ungainly in its endeavors to keep up with foothold. Depending on it, this is a vehicle that is far more joyful to gradually take things.

BYD Atto 3 back cornering

All things being equal, the 60.5kWh battery is matched with a 201bhp electric engine mounted on the front pivot. It’s a smooth unit and offers an overabundance. With a 0-62mph of 7.3 seconds, it’s likewise observably speedier than the same Skoda Enyaq and Kia Niro EV, however, can in some cases feel somewhat reluctant on the off chance that you ask it for max speed.

The brakes merit extraordinary notice. The Atto 3’s change from regenerative slowing down to erosion slowing down is uncannily smooth – and the pedal feels perfect.

How’s the inside?
Better than we were anticipating. While Chinese opponents MG stick to unashamedly modest insides to match their evaluation and Ora favor a dainty smear of premium light, BYD has taken an alternate course. Normal touch focuses like the mid control area, directing haggle pulls have been managed in engaging delicate touch materials, and, surprisingly, the ‘Vegetarian’ cowhide feels sensibly thick and dislikes vinyl.

BYD Atto 3 scramble
Switches and fastens make finding numerous normal capabilities simpler, albeit the environment controls (two-zone. as standard) can be a piece precarious to situate in the touchscreen. Talking about, the fan that powers hot and cold air inside is somewhat clear. This was recognizable on both a chilly day in the UK and a scorcher in Europe.

BYD’s scene 12.8-inch infotainment framework is just about as sharp as any of its European opponents‘ to check out, albeit the menus aren’t exactly as instinctive, with such a large number of little symbols and not insignificant arrangements of settings. Aside from the odd second’s faltering, it’s responsive and didn’t crash like we’ve insight with Volkswagen Gathering and MG frameworks.

BYD Atto 3 2023 infotainment

The screen has a stunt at its disposal, as well. Press a button on the controlling haggle turns 90 degrees to turn into a representation infotainment framework. BYD’s reasoning is that it’s better to utilize the scene screen for media capabilities and simpler to utilize the picture screen to peruse sat-nav directions.

Tragically with the greatest 15.6-inch screen fitted to Configuration models, it’s a piece like putting a tissue confined to the center of your dashboard with some portion of your view obstructed. It’s anything but a tremendous region at the foundation of the windscreen, yet I’d in any case rather see that piece of street, much obliged.

Is it pragmatic?
Space front and center is great, however, headroom in the back is a piece tight in light of the standard-fit all-encompassing sunroof. The sprinters for the glass deny several crawls from those in the external two seats. Legroom is great, however – there’s no focal passage to stumble over and there are bunches of knee-room, even with a tall driver ahead.

BYD Atto 3 boot


The boot’s a fair size, as well. You get 440 liters with the seat set up and 1,338 liters assuming that you crease the back seat level. That implies the Atto 3 has somewhat less extra room than the Kia Niro EV, however, the room you let away in go is given to raise seat travelers.

BYD Atto 3 2023 : decision

Assuming we’re talking completely reasonable family transportation, the BYD Atto 3 is most certainly deserving of your thought. Execution is sufficient, the reach decent and it’s unquestionably definitely valued for the sheer measure of the pack you get, regardless of whether there are oddly no auto wipers.

Tragically it’s not as fulfilling to drive as the top tier, yet it’s comfier than most which go far to compensate for it. Moreover, the inside is generally extensive and looks far crazier than the majority of the dull stuff out there.


The BYD Atto 3 2023 was sent off in Australia last quarter of a year ago. Around then, I talked with Caleb Gittins, who let me know that requesting his vehicle resembled submitting a focal point request on the web — it was just simple. He as of late informed me that the vehicle is expected for its free 5000 km administration, thus I asked him what it has been similar to driving the Atto 3 in Australia.

The Atto 3 is a huge expansion to the electric vehicle contributions in Australia and is as of now the most noteworthy selling non-Tesla in this country.

Caleb lets me know the assistance worked out positively. I’m anticipating understanding how should be helped an Atto 3 at a 5000 km administration visit. Simply examining everything, I presume? The vehicle was overhauled by Eagers at Albion in Brisbane. Eagers additionally took care of the BYD security review. In some way or another, the production line covered the anchor point for the youngster seats. Albeit the Atto 3 has over-the-air update ability, Eagers expected to introduce refreshed programming.

Caleb is adoring the vehicle. He charges at home. Once in a while needs to drive north of 300 km to work in the rustic city of Toowoomba — around a 300 km full circle — however, that is not an issue in the Atto 3 with its expressed scope of 480 km. (However, Caleb lets me know it is more like 420 km, in actuality.) Toowoomba is up on the highest point of the Incomparable Partitioning Reach, yet notwithstanding the slope climb, he actually gets back with 25% charge left in his battery. The drive is made more straightforward with versatile journey control and path-keeping empowered.

He is anticipating Android Auto coming out soon to intently incorporate his vehicle and telephone more. BYD is currently adjusting its product to suit Android Auto.

I got some information about responses to the vehicle from collaborators and companions. He said he gets a ton of remarks about the inside — it’s very one-of-a-kind, particularly the entryway handles and the banjo strings. He has given a ton of test drives. Whenever he stops, outsiders come dependent upon him and ask him what it is. He is considering removing the “Form Your Fantasies” that marks the vehicle across the back. “It amounts to nothing,” he says. In the wake of driving the way, Caleb is currently seeing a couple of BYDs in his home suburb in the north of Brisbane.

One intrigued analyst has been Caleb’s postie. “You have two Teslas now?” he inquires. (Caleb’s housemate drives a Model 3.) “No. It’s a BYD.” obviously, a clarification needed to follow. They additionally introduced an additional wall charger. They currently have one in the carport and one outside. “I save many dollars on petroleum, so I wouldn’t fret about spending extra for the charger. It’s more advantageous,” he tells me.

Caleb says he has been instructing individuals and the general response is positive. Many individuals don’t understand that it’s electric.

Since Caleb’s housemate claims a Model 3 and I realize that they examine their vehicles, I was unable to oppose requesting a correlation. The two vehicles live next to each other. Why is each better? The Tesla Model 3 doesn’t have a 360-degree camera, a vehicle to stack, a retractable sunroof, or Android Auto. Notwithstanding, the Tesla has programmed wipers, the vehicle can be controlled with an application, and it has driver profiles. Clearly, BYD has a vehicle application in different nations, it simply hasn’t gotten to Australia yet.

I got some information about the BYD support bunches on Facebook — pages that I use for research oftentimes. He says he checks in periodically and can address straightforward inquiries for novices. Caleb as of late carried his vehicle to a Relationship of Free Retired People social affair to examine EVs and show the members a few examples. I saw that he is more than equipped for exhibiting his vehicle.

Much obliged to you for sharing, Caleb. We’ll get up to speed at 10,000 km maybe.

My inquiries on Facebook, and on the BYD conversation page, urged Xingyu Qiu to share his story.

“I have been a proprietor since November 2022 and have driven more than 7000 km in my BYD Atto 3.

THE BEST 5 POSITIVE POINTS I have found are:

1: Somewhat peaceful at the cost class. Obviously superior to a Tesla Model 3/Y.
2: Exceptionally agreeable ride on all around fixed/cleared/kept up with streets.
3: Exceptionally brilliant Drove headlights with great reach.
4: The accessibility of low auto regenerative slowing down on gas pedal takeoff implies it seems like an ordinary vehicle. It’s likewise far smoother to work and furthermore more proficient than a high auto regenerative slowing down.
5: Extremely effective drive. Indeed it is just a front-mounted 150 kW engine, and notwithstanding weighing almost 2 tons, I’m overseeing 12.8-14 kWh/100 km and I’m genuinely drawn in the driver.


1: Taking care of. The tires are impartially terrible. It’s slowing down execution is probably one of the events that are not the most exceedingly terrible in its cost/size fragment. I traded out the Batman tires as quickly as possible, to Bridgestone Turanzas and each measurement (counting quietness) has moved along.
2: Suspension. On fixed/level streets it can’t get any better for this portion of the vehicle. When you hit rehashed undulations (say, on a roadway), the absence of control in the suspension is very self-evident. The vehicle bobs all over far more than some other reduced SUVs would. This is plainly tuned for low/medium speed metropolitan conditions with very much kept up with streets.
3: Headlights don’t project sufficiently wide. They might have added a fixed cornering light, yet it is around 20° smaller than a CX-30 Astina/CX-5 Akera grid Drove headlight.
4: The blares and bongs are excessively delicate, particularly the path-focusing help framework. Laying your hand on the wheel isn’t sufficient, you want to give it dynamic info each 5-10 seconds or the vehicle will believe you’re not holding the wheel. This turns into a major issue on extremely straight streets where info is in a real sense not needed.
5: Front-stopping sensors are inadequately planned. There is just a single sensor for every one of the front corners, and none is straightforwardly front oriented. This implies just when you get really near something before you, the corner sensors begin going off.”

The BYD Atto 3 is stacked with well-being highlights. It has gotten a 5-star well-being rating in Euro NCAP crash tests.
BYD Atto 3 Experts


1: A legitimate electric vehicle that is based on a devoted EV stage (and not an IC-motor proselyte)
2: The balanced item that looks great, has a decent lodge and great space as well
3: Green picture and zero tailpipe outflows appeal to the earth cognizant
4: The punchy engine offers quick execution. 0-100 km/h season of 7.3 seconds is charming!!
Selectable regenerative slowing down and drive modes permit you to extricate the most extreme execution or productivity, depending on the situation
5: ~400-km range is satisfactory for metropolitan driving as well as the typical traveling with family
Low running expenses and less expensive long-haul support (just like with all EVs)
A phenomenal city vehicle. Smooth driving experience, great low-speed ride quality, and simple to drive
8-year/1,60,000 km battery guarantee, 8-year/1,50,000 km guarantee on the engine, 6 years emergency aides, and then some
Highlights, for example, the vehicle-to-stack capability (AC power for apparatuses), 12.8-inch touchscreen, all-encompassing sunroof, versatile journey control, NFC key card, and so on.
5-star Euro NCAP rating. Wellbeing unit incorporates 7 airbags, and level 2 ADAS includes, a 360-degree camera, ESP, and so forth.

BYD Atto 3 2023 Cons

1: Costly! The BYD Atto 3 2023 is a premium valued
2: The astounding inside plan may not be however everybody would prefer
3: Needs a charging point introduced at your home stopping. This isn’t feasible for some individuals
Solace arranged suspension arrangement doesn’t offer anything for the lovers
4: The absence of a charging framework restricts significant distance/roadway convenience
Long “full tank” accusing times in correlation with an ICE vehicle. Short-term charging is ideal
Missing elements, for example, ventilated seats, downpour detecting wipers, associated vehicle tech, spare wheel (!!!!!), remote Android Auto/Apple CarPlay…
5: the 8-speaker sound framework is conventional at the cost

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