Kia Soul EV 2023 Expert Review [Buyer-Guide]


The first Kia Soul EV 2023 was among the first electric vehicles we encountered in the UK. However, the sales suffered due to high prices, a limited capacity & charging network at its beginnings, and also the general disinterest in electric vehicles. The electric Soul was sold in conjunction with traditional Souls.

The all-electric model is currently the only model of Soul that you can purchase. What does this Kia Soul electric vehicle cost? It’s still expensive at around PS35,500. But the 64kWh lithium-ion battery can provide up to a distance of 280 miles; connecting it to the DC charger at 100 kW will recharge the battery up to 80 percent in less than an hour.

The impressive capacity of the Soul might be the most crucial aspect for buyers choosing from the ever-growing variety of compact competitors. Both the well-known Nissan Leaf and Renault Zoe can rival the high-end performance of the Soul EV, and there is the Hyundai Ioniq is a viable rival but is insufficient to match the Soul in terms of distance traveled with a single charge.


Certain electric vehicles lose momentum after 30mph; however, that’s not the case with Soul EVs. It’s quick and powerful, even at highway speeds, that allows the driver to pass through the traffic easily.

Regenerative braking takes care of slowing the KIA Soul EV 2023 down to a standstill it is also possible to alter the speed of deceleration by using the paddles located behind the wheel. After a few hours of practice, you’ll be familiar with driving with no brake pedal.

Four driving modes are available: Normal, Sport, Eco, and Eco+. Because the power will be cut and the air conditioning turned off, the Soul EV will operate at maximum efficiency. It’s a painful process, but it might be helpful in the final few miles.

The Soul is a pleasant automobile to drive. The steering is relatively light but not too much. Somebody is rolling, but it’s held under control. Its ride quality isn’t too bouncy; it’s not an issue in a large electric vehicle. Also, road noise and wind are masked, creating the impression of a quiet driving experience.


Kia e-Soul charging specs
Kia e-Soul 2023 specifications

The KIA Soul EV 2023 is expected to be affordable for most people due to the lack of road tax (VED), non-company cars, and low operating costs. The purchase price will be reduced as a result.

The KIA Soul EV isn’t an inexpensive vehicle to finance. If you’re on a 3-year PCP arrangement, you’ll be facing payments of approximately PS500 per month after an imposing deposit of around PS5,000. Calculating the math before deciding if an electric Soul is a feasible alternative is essential. Spending this much every month could result in a more expensive vehicle with a premium brand.

Battery life, electric range, and time to charge

Kia e-Soul 2023 specifications

The KIA Soul EV 2023 is powered by one electric motor that delivers 201(brake-horsepower )with 395 (Newton-meter) torque at the rear wheels. The battery of 64kWh was placed under the floor. According to the manufacturer, the Soul EV can travel up to the distance of 280 miles is accessible on one charge, but you’ll likely see between 300 and 240 miles in real life.

There will be a CCS charging port in the car’s nose. It can charge up to 77 kW, which means you’ll benefit from 100kW rapid chargers currently being built across the nation. Kia’s UCO Connect system allows you to track the charging status and also set the temperature of the car’s cabin.

What We Consider

Kia has significantly enhanced the latest generation Soul, which debuted in 2020, the model year. It appears like a more refined vehicle with a smooth ride and precise handling. Although it’s not a sports car, Soul is a smooth and precise vehicle. The Soul is remarkably fast for a small SUV, thanks to its standard normally aspirated powertrain. The fine-tuned CVT automatic does not affect the performance. However, some editors have complained of excessive winds.

Alongside its solid driving performance Alongside its impressive driving performance, the Soul is also equipped with a sophisticated interior. It has plenty of room for passengers, and the cargo capacity is adequate for the class. We’ve also been impressed by the easy-to-use touchscreen for infotainment and its simple smartphone integration. Customers seeking a sensible and inexpensive subcompact SUV that doesn’t require AWD that’s not available in any trim are satisfied with Kia Soul. Kia Soul.

Security Ratings, Features, and Safety

In NHTSA tests in 2023, the Kia Soul EV earned four stars overall. The result is four stars for the crash tests for the front and rollover assessment and five stars for the test for side crashes. A few rival compacts have all four-star ratings, including those from the 2022 Nissan Kicks, the 2022 Toyota C-HR, and the 2022 Hyundai Venue. However, those in the 2022 Ford Bronco Sport and 2022 Subaru Crosstrek achieve five-star ratings.

We can expect the 2023 KIA Soul EV is equipped with numerous safety features that are standard. In 2023, the new standard safety features will include forward collision avoidance aid with pedestrian detection as well as lane departure alerts, lane keeps assist, lane following assistance, and driver attention monitor: automatic high beams and rear alert for occupants.

Kia e-Soul 2023 specs
Kia e-Soul 2023 specifications
Kia e-Soul 2023 specifications
Kia e-Soul 2023 specifications
Kia e-Soul 2023 range
Kia e-Soul 2023 specifications

Kia e-Soul 2023 body dimensions
Kia e-Soul 2023 specifications


The Kia Soul EV 2023 comes standard with an 8.0-inch touchscreen. The 10.3-inch display with navigation comes as standard once you move out of the base model. Most Kia Souls come standard with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay smartphone connectivity along with the six-speaker audio system. The Harman Kardon audio system is available for the GT-Line model.

Does the 2023 Kia Soul a Good crossover?

In 2023, the KIA Soul EV is a fantastic choice to consider if you’re in the market for a new vehicle with a limited budget. The Soul costs just under $35,000. It is loaded with essential features such as Apple CarPlay, forward automatic emergency braking, as well as lane-keep aid. The interior is roomy for cargo and passengers, and the Soul can offer the most comfortable ride with flexible handling. It’s even better Kia can cover this car with a 10-year/100,000-mile guarantee.

If there’s a downside, the Soul could be slow at highway speeds, although it’s quick to get around the city. In addition, the all-wheel drive feature isn’t available.

Should I Purchase Kia Soul 2023?

The KIA Soul’s combination of practicality and value makes it a standout option for the subcompact SUV category. However, it’s not the only viable option. Before purchasing, you should consider alternatives such as the Mazda CX-30, Honda HR-V, Hyundai Kona, and Kia Seltos. They’re more expensive than the Soul; however, they all have all-wheel drive.

2022 Vs 2023 Kia Soul What’s the difference?

In 2023, the Soul gets a few crucial changes. Kia changed the exterior design of the Soul by making the most noticeable modifications to the front bumper and grille, along with the taillights, headlights, and headlights. In addition, the 2023 Soul is now available with driver-assistance options – like ahead collision alert, auto emergency braking system, lanes-keep aid, and monitoring of the driver’s attention – which were not available in earlier models. The downside is that Kia removed the previously-available turbocharged engine, the dual-clutch transmission, and two trims: Turbo and X-Line models.

Offer it to me in one paragraph…

If you’re searching for an EV with a hint of personality and, ahem, Soul, then this unique Kia is worth taking a look at, and it’s practical and has an impressive amount of power.

Soul? You’re not going to smother us with cheap jokes about music, aren’t you?

We wouldn’t even think about doing it. We’re not going to spice up this review by suggesting you go to the nearest Kia dealer if you’re looking for an affordable family car with some funk. We couldn’t resist and chuckle at the puns; it’s clear that the Soul is an incredibly appealing small car with a genuine personality, reasonable price, and daily practicality.

Okay, you’re forgiven. What are the tops?

We’ve briefly discussed it, and the Soul is a dazzling small car. It’s not one to easily be thrown into any category; it appears to be something that’s a mix of an SUV, MPV, and an old-fashioned hatchback. It’s brimming with exciting particulars, too, including the LED rear lighting that wraps almost entirely around the rear windows and the distinctive roof color. Available in traditional as well as petrol in other countries, but in the UK, the quirky Kia is only powered by electricity.

Interiors are equally chic with sharp curves and soft materials that give it an incredibly luxurious feel which isn’t what you’d think of from the Kia. The only trim available is the available Maxx (yes, it’s true – two “x’s); however, it’s loaded with basic equipment that could make a luxury saloon owner jealous. Leather trims are available for heated seats, climate control, and ten speakers of the Harman Kardon stereo system.

It’s a pleasure to drive comfortably. As with many cars, the controls are easy to use, and you engage the driving using the long gear selector, which is conveniently located on the console; press the accelerator, and off you go. There aren’t any clunky gears to impede your speedy progress, while the big windows, the upright driving position, and easy steering make it a simple task to get onto the roads.

Regenerative braking is a standard feature, slowing the car down as you let off the accelerator, allowing power to flow back to the battery. It’s not exactly pleasant initially, but soon you get comfortable with it. The paddles on the steering wheel let you quickly and quickly adjust the braking force to the level you’re comfortable with, from nothing to almost.

Like you’d expect from an electric vehicle, it’s quiet and comfortable with a minimal amount from the motor or road, and the suspension absorbs potholes and bumps. It’s secure and safe throughout a series of curves, and while it’s certainly not a vehicle you’d go for out to see if it’s fun, The Soul is quick and agile, particularly around the town.

And, most importantly, for an electric vehicle, it’s got an adequate range, which means you won’t have to suffer from fear of being sucked into by a nail each time you go beyond the shops in your neighborhood.

Ah, it’s the variety. Could you give me some numbers?

Kia has kept things simple with the Soul, which means there’s just one motor and battery combination. It’s a part of the brand’s slightly bigger e-Niro SUV. Its lithium-ion pack packs 64kWh of power, and the motor on the front is an impressive 201bhp.

While it’s slightly smaller than the e-Niro, The Soul’s sound design isn’t as aerodynamic, so it can’t get as far on one charge. However, the advertised distance of around 280 miles isn’t to be taken lightly, and our experience with the car suggests that a range of over 200 miles is quite feasible, which means you can go on long drives without breaking into a sweat.

When you have to stop to recharge the battery while on the road, you’ll have to be patient; although the Soul can handle quick DC CCS charge, the maximum power flow it will take is 100 kW (rivals are now offering 100 or 200 kW). You’ll need approximately an hour to fill the cells up to 80 percent capacity. This is fine if you want a relaxing lunch; however, if you’re in a rush to schedule an appointment, it could be expensive.

Many owners use the domestic wall box, which can be fully charged within nine and a half hours. This is perfect to use at night. There’s also a 3-pin slow charger that is ideal for emergencies. However, it requires 29 hours to charge fully.

When it comes to performance in terms of performance, the Kia is much faster than it appears. With its 201bhp hot hatchback-like output, the Soul can accelerate from 0 to 62 mph in 7.9 seconds; that’s not impressive. Additionally, it is even faster in real-world conditions due to the motor’s rapid power delivery allows the Soul to speed past slower vehicles within the quick blink of an eye. Some caution is required when accelerating, especially when it’s slippery or wet since the Soul can spin quickly with its tires on the thin front.

It’s fashionable and could take you places but is it wise?

Look beyond its attractive exterior, and you’ll find that it looks past its stunning exterior, and the Kia is an intelligent machine. It’s similar in size to a typical family hatchback like the Volkswagen Golf; it serves plenty of space and flexibility.

It’s undoubtedly tall, which suggests there’s more space than you think when combined with an upright seating position. It’s marginally more extensive than the e-Niro, and more significant adults get adequate legroom and headroom in the rear.

It’s even roomier at the front, where you’ll find a vast selection of seats and a substantial wide, deep windscreen that gives an expansive view of the outside. You’ll find plenty of storage and a large compartment with a lid between the front seats and a tray to store your phone, a huge glovebox, and a variety of cup holders (of course).).

The boot, at 315 liters, isn’t a lot (a Volkswagen Golf’s capacity is 381 liters); however, it comes with an excellent floor that is adjustable with storage space below for charging cables. You’d be surprised at how many EVs ignore this. You can also lower the back seats into a flat position with a split-fold 60/40 feature that makes it easier to fold the rear seats flat.

Any other thing I should be aware of?

There are probably a couple of other points to mention, but not least the Soul’s innovative technology. Its 10.25-inch infotainment system is simple and loaded with options like Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. The display is crisp, with sharp graphics and user-friendly menus. The unit is placed high on the dashboard, making it possible to access its functions without having to take your eyes off the road for a long time.

The Soul is also loaded with helpful driver assistance features like an adaptive cruise control which keeps the distance to the vehicle in front by automatically adjusting the brakes and accelerator. The Soul also has the lane keep assist feature, lane departure warning, automated emergency braking, and blind spot monitoring. The rear-traffic alert (for the moment, you’re trying to reverse from a parking spot). The headlamps automatically turn off and engage the main beam to assist you.

And, of course, there’s Kia’s famous warranty of seven years to give you even more peace of mind including a long 100,000-mile limitation.

What’s the negative news?

In all honesty, we’d be arguing over the issue with the Soul, as with most things in life, the Kia isn’t flawless. However, one or two minor issues that aren’t significant must be considered before you decide to take the plunge.

Although it’s easy to drive and offers rapid performance, it’s not the most enjoyable in the conventional sense. Experienced drivers will discover the Kia precisely, but it doesn’t offer much in terms of thrills and driving long distances to get home; the KIA Soul Ev 2023 will not be at the top of your list.

The cost is also precisely the same: the slightly bigger Kia e-Niro has the same motor and battery and offers a more excellent range. However, the larger car isn’t as elegant or equipped, so the decision between the two is a true “head vs. heart” scenario.

Then there’s the 100kW limit for rapid charging that could bring the Soul back in time from a user-friendliness standpoint. It’s the rate of development in the EV industry that this figure could be a little old-fashioned compared to vehicles with the electrical tech of 800V and a public charging system that can recharge the battery with a speed of up 350 kW. One excellent illustration of such a vehicle: is Kia’s EV6.

If I leave these issues aside, What alternatives do I have?

We’ve already seen that Kia has already offered an e-car that is a more practical and practical alternative in the form of the e-Niro, a popular model. There’s also a sister company Hyundai which has the less mighty but equally powerful (64kWh battery and motor 201bhp) Kona Electric.

If you’re looking for an innovative and exciting option that isn’t beyond the practical aspects and practicality, then this Mini Electric is well worth looking at. The rear seats and the boot are ridiculously tiny, and the range is incredibly tiny, but its agile handling and smooth performance will leave you smiling.

Also attractive and sports SUV-like styling similar to Soul. It’s called an alternative to Peugeot e-2008. Its range is about 100 miles less than the Kia’s and isn’t as fast, but it’s a hit with people and well-equipped. It also has an interior that is quite spacious.


The stunning looks, the wide range, a great warranty, and a practical design make the Soul one of the most unique and interesting alternatives to mainstream family electric vehicles.

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