Latest Peugeot 308 SW 2023 Electric Review


“The Peugeot 308 SW is adaptable thanks to a large boot and the choice of diesel, petrol, or hybrid plug-in power.”

With its long rear end, thanks to an extended rear, the Peugeot 308 SW 2023 estate provides more room for luggage than the hatchback and is a different design. It comes with the latest Peugeot infotainment system and safety features and competes with other models, such as those from the Skoda Octavia Estate and the Ford Focus Estate. It’s also available as an electric Plug-in Hybrid (PHEV) for the first time. It promises lower operating costs as well as an electric-only mode of driving.

Peugeot 308 SW 2023 specifications
Peugeot 308 SW 2023 electric
Peugeot 308 SW 2023 full specs
Peugeot 308 SW 2023

The Peugeot 308 SW has plenty of utility and flexibility if you don’t require an SUV. The lower-cost engine options make it affordable to operate. However, the top-of-the-line models are costly and aren’t as cheap.

Peugeot 308 SW 2023 full specifications

These trims are Active Premium, Allure, Allure Premium, GT, and GT Premium in ascending order of the equipment. However, all models come with push-button start and rear parking sensors, air conditioning, and a stylish touchscreen. Each model comes with sharp LED lighting, and Allure and GT-branded cars are distinguished by diamond-cut alloy wheels and more sophisticated grilles. These two Allure trims are the best location for value and features.

The boot can hold up to 608 liters of space for the petrol variant and shrinks just a bit to 548 liters in the plug-in hybrid due to the battery.

It’s much smaller than the Skoda Octavia, which has between 660 and 490 liters, depending on the engine. This isn’t the case. Stated for the 308 SW’s seat backs, though. They lack legroom when compared to the Skoda. There are a lot of storage compartments, as well as the seat backs in the rear can be removed quickly and easily with the help of handles located inside the boot.

The trendy interior features Peugeot’s unique i-Cockpit design, which incorporates digital instruments and a small steering wheel. It’s beautiful but worth taking a test drive to ensure it is a good fit.

Individual buyers will likely be drawn with models like the 1.2-liter gasoline and 1.5-liter diesel engines that each provide more than 45mpg during regular driving. Car owners who work for companies are likely to be attracted to the two hybrid models with a distance of just 37 miles, the lowest CO2 emissions, and the lowest benefit-in-kind (BiK) Band. Whatever model you choose, the 308 SW is a car with smooth steering and solid handling that packs enough force to keep pace with the traffic.

MPG, running costs, and CO2

Peugeot 308 SW 2023
Peugeot 308 SW 2023 electric

Plug-in, diesel, and petrol hybrid options can help expand the appeal of the Peugeot 308 SW.

The Peugeot 308 SW is positioned squarely against the competition, and the diesel and petrol are priced at a competitive price and come with lower running expenses. The 308 SW should be appealing to buyers who are not affluent, especially in mid to low trim levels, as they offer the most affordable value.

The 1.2-liter petrol is a very economical engine that returns approximately 45mpg most of the time, sometimes even reaching 50mpg on a long highway journey. If you drive a lot throughout the year, then you might want to consider the 1.5-liter BlueHDi diesel could also be worth considering, as it can return more than 60mpg under ideal conditions. For most drivers, however, this isn’t enough benefit that it is worth switching to diesel.

Both plug-in hybrids come with the identical 12.4kWh battery that can provide 37 miles in electric range once fully recharged. The 3.6kW charging system is included and allows for the 3.5-hour charging time, whereas an additional 7.4kW charger can reduce the time to less than two hours.

Business-oriented drivers will find hybrids the most appealing due to their low CO2 emissions of about 25g/km, which means that it’s within a lower benefit-in-kind (BiK) band, making it possible to keep costs down. The VED (road tax) is charged at the regular rate for diesel and petrol, while hybrids can be discounted. It is possible to pay more than PS40,000 for a premium 308 SW; however, do it, and you’ll pay more than PS500 per year for VED until your car is six years old.

Engines, drive, performance, and performance

The precise handling and performance make the 308 SW up-to-date and competitive.

While it’s not a high-performance car, The Peugeot 308 SW comes with a 128bhp gasoline or diesel engine that offers outstanding performance and a pair of plug-in hybrids with greater power than drivers need. Every car comes with an automatic transmission.

Like many new automobiles, the 308 SW’s steering is light but precise, making it simple to place the car’s front end on the road. It’s fitted with a small steering wheel that is part of Peugeot’s cockpit interior design. It may take some getting used to in the beginning. The overall driving experience is comfortable, without making the same impression on enthusiasts as the Ford Focus Estate.

We’ve tested three-cylinder 1.2-liter PureTech petrol in the hatchback, and it’s available with an eight-speed auto transmission. It can go from 62mph to 62mph in under 10 seconds and packs decent power from low revs. It’s also quite elegant, though it’s quieter than the Volkswagen Golf’s petrol engine is a lot quieter.

This plug-in hybrid model starts with Hybrid 180, which gets the 1.6-liter gasoline engine and an electric motor that produces the combined power of 178bhp. The car can go from 0-60mph in just 7.7 seconds. There’s the range-topping Hybrid 225 that comes with the most efficient version of the engine for an overall power of 222bhp. Even with the added horsepower, it’s not like the version with 180bhp, so it will not merit the additional cost for most buyers of a small estate for a family of four.

With the help of the electric motor thanks to an electric motor, the Hybrid 225 accelerates quickly but switching to an entirely electric mode can be somewhat awkward. The automatic gearbox is a bit slow to switch down, and we’d prefer the electric motor to move more quickly. With 109bhp available in electric mode, the 308 SW feels fast enough to drive in traffic without a problem.

Hybrid models come with regenerative braking, which adjusts to your driving style. It is more powerful when you’ve recently hit the accelerator too hard but is less noticeable if you’re traveling at a leisurely pace. There are various options for driving modes on top models; however, the Sport setting increases your steering weight and enhances the response of the gearbox. In general, the engine’s noise is low and subtle, rather than distinctive However, it means that motorway trips are tranquil.

Interior & Comfort

Peugeot’s I-Cockpit design is unique and modern.

The interior is similar to the hatchback and features elegant materials and a sleek style. There’s a slight problem: some drivers cannot see the digital instruments on the upper part of the steering wheel. We also discovered the steering wheel quite odd in that it’s got shiny black trim that you would typically place your fingers on. Too much of the black frame appears pleasant at first but isn’t the most scratch-resistant.

The features are extensive. It comes including Active Premium versions getting 16-inch alloy wheels, automatic wipers, LED lighting, and rear parking sensors. Apple CarPlay as well as Android Auto. Peugeot’s 10-inch instrument screen is standard, as are numerous safety kit options.

Up to Allure trim, and you’ll find an elegant chrome grille and alloy wheels measuring 17 inches. Inside, you’ll find a leather interior with contrast stitching and ambient lights. The infotainment configuration has also been updated to include satellite navigation, a voice assistant, a rear-view camera, and front sensors for parking. Allure Premium comes with the Drive Assist Pack and a wireless charger for smartphones.

GT models sport a sporty design, 18-inch alloys LED Matrix headlights with black trim on the exterior, and Peugeot badges on front wings. Inside, you will find Clean Cabin Technology to filter out harmful pollutants, a heated steering wheel, an Alcantara trim, and a 3D-effect cockpit instrument cluster. A new Focal stereo comes included as well as additional sports options on the control panel.

Top-of-the-line GT Premium trim swaps the front seats with more comfortable products, lumbar adjustability, and massage functions. You can swap them for dark blue leather seats if you’d like, but they’re not the same shape as the standard model, and we’ve found that they create an unusual driving position.

Practicality and boot space

Peugeot 308 SW 2023 electric

Even the PHEV has an enormous boot; however, the rear legroom is a problem.

As you’d imagine, there’s a significant increase in the boot space between the standard 308 and the SW Estate, but the Peugeot isn’t convenient in other areas. The rear passenger space is disappointing as it has less space than its counterpart, the Skoda Octavia Estate.

Up 608 liters in the petrol version, the luggage storage in the back seat is impressive. It’s important to know that 40:20/40 split and folding rear chairs are standard, starting with the Allure trim upwards. Choose a hybrid plug-in version, and the boot is reduced to 548 liters. This is less of an issue as the plug-in Skoda has its boot reduced from 660 liters to 490 liters. The 308’s boot floor has been elevated to make room for the battery, and there’s no room underneath to store charger cables.

Reliability and safety

Peugeot has equipped its 308 SW with the latest safety technologies.

Indeed, the Peugeot 308 SW isn’t equipped with data on reliability yet, but purchasing one doesn’t mean you’re taking a risk. The technology has been proven to be secure and reliable in the past with other Peugeot models. The diesel and petrol engines have been tested in various models, with just a few problems found.

Peugeot also has a solid record of safety ratings that are five stars if its vehicles are tested for crash risk, and therefore it’s a little regret that the 308 only managed only a four-star rating. The 308 features Lane Keep Assist, driver alerts, and warnings about speed limits.

Models equipped with the Peugeot Drive Assist Pack also get blind-spot detection and adaptive cruise control. Rear-cross traffic alerts to keep from collisions when reversed.

PEUGEOT will offer the broadest electric selection in Europe in 2023 during the PEUGEOT electric year. By the beginning of 2023, nearly all PEUGEOT models will be powered by electrified motors: it will be a time of significant growth for electrification in the PEUGEOT lineup.

All Peugeots will come with electrified powertrains starting in 2023!

  1. Allure: PEUGEOT offers the widest selection of electric mobility solutions across Europe,

2. Excellence: New engines that are hybrid for PEUGEOT 3008 as well as the 5008,

3. Excellent: Record-breaking efficiency of the new PEUGEOT E-208 E-308 as well as E-308 SW

EMOTION: PEUGEOT’s E-Street zone A brand electric scooter that is entirely new

This will provide PEUGEOT with the most extensive range of ‘e-choice’ available in Europe and offer various new designs and techniques. From electric bikes to vans, e-scooters, and passenger automobiles, PEUGEOT will meet all-electric mobility needs and take another step towards creating zero emissions and all-electric sales in Europe by 2030.

The introduction of hybrid powertrains starting in the year 2023, initially based on the PEUGEOT 3008 and the PEUGEOT 3008 as well as the PEUGEOT 5008, is expected to extend the technology options, adding to the new 100% battery electric options on E-208 and E-208 and E-308 hydrogen fuel cell and or four-wheel drive plug-in hybrids.

New hybrid technology was developed for PEUGEOT 3008 and 5008 PEUGEOT 3008, as well as the 5008

2023 is ‘the electric year 2023 will be an ‘electric year’ for PEUGEOT, and the company will unveil new models and technologies to its product line.

PEUGEOT is the very first Stellantis brand to introduce the new generation of hybrid powertrains, which will once again emphasize its intention to offer as many customers as possible the option of electric mobility.

In the PEUGEOT 3008 and PEUGEOT 5008 SUVs, this technology was initially introduced before spreading to other models; this next-generation hybrid technology combines efficiency with ease of use.

It’s comprised of a modern-day engine that is a 136HP PureTech petrol engine, paired with a brand-new electrified dual-clutch gearbox. With a battery of 48V that recharges while driving, this system provides additional torque at low speeds and a 15% decrease in the fuel consumed. It also permits zero-emission driving for as long as one kilometer at a low rate and small distances within the city.

Another expansion of the range of 100% electric vehicles is The E-308 and E-308 SW launch. E-308 as well as the E-308 SW

It is expected that the PEUGEOT range of electric models 100% will be extended in 2023, with the brand new E-308 and the E-308 SW. PEUGEOT will be one of the first European manufacturers to provide an electric-only estate vehicle. With the saloon and station wagon, the Lion Brand will be able to meet the needs of C-segment buyers who want to transition towards zero-emission mobility.

Driving pleasure and energy as essential components of the PEUGEOT’s DNA are at the center of the creation of these models, which are powered by a revolutionary and potent electric motor, which produces the power of 115 kW (156 BHP).

The brand new E-308, as well as the E-308 SW, sets the new standard of electric efficiency. Its efficiency is only 12.7 100 km of kWh (valuable energy or WLTP range), which is a standard among electric vehicles in the C-segment, and they offer a range of 400 kilometers (subject to the mixed cycle WLTP). This feat can be attributed to the advancements in the field of battery and motor and aerodynamics, weight reduction with the brand new EMP2 platform, and the decrease in frictional loss.

In the C-segment as well, PEUGEOT has confirmed the coming launch of the PEUGEOT E-408 in addition to the hybrid plug-in versions of its fastback that is innovative and dynamic.

The PEUGEOT E-408 will complete an entirely electrical PEUGEOT range that can meet all requirements, from PEUGEOT E-208 up to the PEUGEOT e-TRAVELLER combination space, which includes the PEUGEOT e-2008 E-308, E-308 SW, and the e-RIFTER.

Another PEUGEOT E-208 with more power and better efficiency

The E-208 is the trailblazer of PEUGEOT’s all-electric range and will undergo significant improvements in 2023. This is primarily thanks to the new motor introduced in the E-308. The maximum power output of the E-208 will rise 15 percent, going up from 100 kW/136 bhp to 155.5 kW/156 BHP.

Efficiency has been improved for lower consumption of only 12 kWh/100 km giving the E-208 the benefit of a 10.5 percent improvement in range, which is an additional 38 km for 400 km of combined cycle of the WLTP (under acceptance).

With a torque of 260 Nm that is available at 0 km/h, this PEUGEOT E-208 is quiet and vibration-free. It is simple to operate as it is in terms of sensations. This adds to the dynamic characteristics that have been the reason for its success. But, it’s also sensitive to everyday use. For instance, the PEUGEOT E-208 can get an instant charge from a terminal of 100 kW and can go between 20% and the 80% mark within less than 25 minutes, just as it is now.

All of these features should enhance the popularity of the PEUGEOT E-208, which has been the most popular electric B-segment vehicle in Europe from the beginning of 2022 and is also at the top of sales for electric cars in France. It is the PEUGEOT E-208 has sold more than 110,000 units since its introduction in the year 2019.

The plug-in hybrid that is at the core of PEUGEOT electric range

Peugeot 308 SW 2023 electric

To provide an electric mobility solution that can meet the requirements of every use, PEUGEOT has developed a comprehensive plug-in hybrid range. Sedans SW SUVs or estate automobiles. They bring together the appeal, excitement, and performance which have created PEUGEOT success with a remarkable level of effectiveness.

It’s PEUGEOT 308 and the 308SW plug-in hybrids come in two different power levels, either 180 or 225 horsepower, and provide up to 60 kilometers of range when operating in completely electric mode. They have also been incorporated into the brand new PEUGEOT 408, which is scheduled to debut during the Paris Motor Show from 17 to 23 October 2022.

In addition, the PEUGEOT 3008 is equipped with a rechargeable hybrid engine of 225 horsepower and 300 horsepower with all-wheel drive. This enables the vehicle to travel for up to 59 miles without engines that run on combustion. The PEUGEOT 508 can be purchased as a saloon or SW with a 225 bhp hybrid engine that plugs into the plug or 360 bhp sports motor and four-wheel drive on the PEUGEOT SPORT ENGINEERED variants.

The plug-in hybrid technology of PEUGEOT is being tested at the tracks by PEUGEOT’s PEUGEOT 9X8 Hybrid Hypercar that, competes in the World Endurance Championship (WEC) since July 2022.

The brand new PEUGEOT EXPERT Hydrogen fuel cell that emits no emissions mobility for professionals

Hydrogen fuel cell technology.

The brand new PEUGEOT e-EXPERT Hydrogen is a PEUGEOT service for professional and local authorities looking for the most cutting-edge zero-emission mobility solutions. The main benefit of the fully electric PEUGEOT Hydrogen lies in the lower charging time of the hydrogen tank of just 3 minutes.

With a range of up to 400 kilometers, 100 kW of power, and 250 Nm of torque, The PEUGEOT eXPERT Hydrogen can support up to 1,000 kilograms of the payload within the 6.1-millimeter load volume.

PEUGEOT is also working on making their two-wheelers electrical!

PEUGEOT will be expanding its lineup of electric mobility options, including two-wheelers. During the Paris Motor Show, the company will debut a new electric scooter that is 100% electric which is the PEUGEOT e-Street zone. Battery-powered versions with two batteries and ECO mode are expected to provide 112 kilometers of autonomy.

With either two or one of the removable batteries, The PEUGEOT e-Street Zone can be easily and quickly recharged using any socket in the home. With its tested and proven design and chassis, PEUGEOT MOTORCYCLES’ e-Street zone is the perfect bike for everyday commutes in cities.

The new LCD can also make it practical as, in its single-battery version, an opening is under the seat to fit a jet helmet.

And lastly, PEUGEOT Cycles also offers an entire assortment of electric bicycles suited to all needs, from everyday city traffic to riding on roads and off-roading.

e-Solutions is a collection of services that make people’s lives simpler

PEUGEOT helps customers live their lives more efficiently by providing a range of innovative services:

The Peugeot smartphone app allows users to connect with their vehicle, plan remote charging, or even launch an automated thermal pre-conditioning program remotely.

The Free2Move eSolutions smartphone app lets users plan their travel plans specifically by anticipating when they will recharge since charging stations on the route are highlighted. It allows access to an extensive network of over 260,000 charging points across Europe.

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