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Renault Twingo Electric 2023 Full in-depth review !

Renault Twingo Electric 2023

Generally decision

“Idiosyncratic and unmistakable, the Renault Twingo Electric 2023 is roomy & appropriate to city life. It performs less well away nonetheless, and the driving position might be excessively confined for taller drivers.”

Renault Twingo Electric 2023 Front Side View

Bundling is everything with regards to the best city vehicles – simply view the first Mini as a perfect representation – on the grounds that you have substantially less space to play with, however, individuals need to fit however much stuff in as could be expected. That is the reason you will generally see more development at work with regard to little vehicles, and why Renault’s 2014 Twingo adopted an alternate strategy.

Planned and implicit cooperation with Smart, who likewise created the precisely comparable For Four, the Twingo made the strange stride of putting the motor at the back of the vehicle and driving the back tires, dissimilar to the front-motor, the front-wheel-drive approach of pretty much every other little vehicle in presence. The hypothesis is that you can bundle up the motor and drivetrain all the more proficiently at the back of the vehicle, leaving more space for travelers and allowing the front wheels just to do the guiding.

It’s not somewhat clear that this is the situation when you take a gander at the Renault Twingo Electric 2023 in any case, it simply seems to be a tiny vehicle. A charming one as well, with extremely short shades, a cordial face, and a tall however limited body underscoring that this is a vehicle intended to occupy as little street room as conceivable while making the most measure of room for individuals and baggage.

The Renault Twingo Electric 2023 is accessible with two petroleum motor choices; a 900cc turbocharged unit and a 1.0-liter non-turbocharged elective, both with three chambers. The super unit may be more modest yet sneaks up suddenly, presenting 90PS and 135Nm of force, while the 1.0-liter is the less expensive option with 70PS and just 91Nm of force. Most models are fitted with a five-speed manual gearbox, yet with a double grip, the six-speed program is accessible with the turbocharged motor. Renault likewise presented a more sizzling GT model with 1110PS, however, the additional exhibition and cost make it less practical as a genuine city vehicle.

Inside the Renault Twingo Electric 2023 uncommon motor plan takes care of, as the lodge is stunningly extensive for a vehicle so little. Four grown-ups will fit in sensible solace, with great head and legroom front and center and in the back. One proviso is that the driver’s seat and guiding wheel don’t have an enormous scope of change, so taller drivers might discover themselves feeling somewhat stuck. Boot space is 220 liters with every one of the seats set up yet can be extended to 980 liters with every one of the seats collapsed.

The Renault Twingo Electric 2023 is accessible in five different trim levels, Expression, Play, Dynamic S, and GT. Standard gear on all models incorporates LED daytime running lights, electrically customizable and warmed entryway mirrors, slope start help, a speed limiter, DAB radio with Bluetooth, distant focal locking, and electric windows.

The Renault’s driving experience is most certainly city-driven; the back motor game plan implies the front wheels can go up to 45 degrees, giving an exceptionally close turning circle that makes moving simple and stopping a breeze. The turbocharged 0.9TCe motor is likewise at its best here, giving a helpful flood of speed increase at low paces. The Renault Twingo Electric 2023 is less achieved at higher velocities notwithstanding, with clamor levels expanding significantly and the absence of execution more self-evident.

Generally speaking, the Renault Twingo Electric 2023 is a fascinating and fun interpretation of the city vehicle format. It shows improvement over any opponent and truly succeeds in the city, however, it is less balanced and can understand a tad bit of its profundity on the open street.

Is the Renault Twingo ideal for you?

Renault Twingo Electric 2023
Renault Twingo Electric 2023

The Renault Twingo Electric 2023 may be the right vehicle for you, yet it relies on how you intend to utilize it. If you intend to invest a large portion of your energy in the city or around and habitually need to convey travelers, then, at that point, the Renault Twingo Electric 2023 will settle on a quality decision, offering a lot of room yet capitalizing on its reduced aspects and being not difficult to stop. If you habitually branch away or utilize the motorway in an extraordinary arrangement, then, at that point, you may be ideal to pick a more adjusted city vehicle.

What’s the best Renault Twingo Electric model to pick?

Of the two motor choices, the turbocharged 0.9TCe is most certainly the one to go for. It is partially less practical than the non-turbocharged 1.0-liter choice, yet offers an impressive presentation lift and makes the Renault Twingo Electric 2023 a suitable away choice. The more powerful TCe motor is just accessible in the GT model and keeping in mind that it offers helpful additional presentation it is the most costly model in the reach.

The fundamental Expression model is moderately exceptional, however, is just accessible with the 1.0-liter motor. The Play model seems OK, as it adds cooling and driver’s seat level change, the two of which have a major effect on driver solace levels. It’s likewise worth considering climbing to Dynamique, which adds a combination of haggles and visual comforts however more critically brings stop/begin, journey control, and a cowhide covering for the guiding haggle.

How many different vehicles are like the Renault Twingo Electric?

A lot of the standard suspects are in rivalry with the Twingo, yet worth recalling that Smart ForFour is the sister vehicle to the Twingo. With a similar back motor game plan, it is stunningly extensive, albeit model-for-model it will in general be more costly than the same Renault Twingo Electric 2023.

The SEAT Mii and Skoda Citigo have sided projects of the Volkswagen Up and bring the strong design and proficiency you normally get, just with a more modest sticker price than the Volkswagen variant. Savvy looking and great to drive, both the Mii and Citigo are appealing choices.

The Hyundai i10 is likewise an area of strength for a, and albeit the least expensive model is some way from the least expensive Citroen C1, it brings a quality vibe and great particular.

Solace and plan
“It probably won’t have the option to pull off a genuine Tardis impression, yet venturing into the Twingo from the outside wants to step into a lot greater vehicle.”

Renault Twingo Electric 2023 Front Interior

There’s a lot of light in the lodge, the roofline is high and the low-set run all add to the sensation of the room, whether you’re sitting front and center or in the back. A further addition is the bright plan of the lodge; there are blazes of hued trim on the entryways, guiding wheel, dashboard, and mid-control area, matched to the body variety on certain variants, while the seat texture likewise profits by a sprinkle of variety.

Less amazing are the actual seats, especially for the driver. Both front seats are generally meager and are missing lumbar help, meaning they can become awkward on longer excursions. Taller drivers may likewise find the seat is set excessively high to become appropriately familiar, with the low-set dashboard and little scope of change on the controlling wheel. Picking a higher-particular model that incorporates driver’s seat level change is suggested.

Quality & finish of Renault Twingo Electric 2023?

Humble assumptions normally come as standard while purchasing a city vehicle, however, the Renault is preferred in such a manner over what you could anticipate. Like each vehicle, it is worked to a cost, yet it works hard of camouflaging what that cost is. One of the basic manners by which it accomplishes this is by not having any uncovered metal inside, where so large numbers of its opponents do, even though there are body-hued boards spotted around the lodge.

The Renault Twingo Electric 2023 looks like it, yet when you begin to utilize the vehicle the nature of the genuine materials is somewhat more blended. The seat texture feels costly and the calfskin on the directing wheel helps, however a portion of the plastics lower down in the lodge are obviously from the less expensive finish of the scale. It are little subtleties, however, things like the air vents and the top of the focal stockpiling box feel somewhat unstable. It gives the feeling that it has been very much built, yet there is an inquiry concerning how a portion of the less expensive materials will passage over the long run.


There are two distinct infotainment frameworks accessible on the Renault Twingo Electric 2023, the two of which have huge in addition to focuses. Fortunately, all renditions accompany a DAB radio and Bluetooth, so you can settle on decisions and stream music paying little heed to manage level.

Likewise, most renditions of the Renault Twingo Electric 2023 are fitted with general cell phone support, permitting you to interface your telephone to the vehicle through USB. You can then download a particular Renault application considered (R & Go) &through this, you can involve your telephone as a Sat-Navigation, control your streamed music through the vehicle’s sound controls, and even change to an extra instrument show.

On the other hand, there is the R-Link framework, standard on later higher detail models yet additionally accessible as a choice. This is a more traditional framework, with a 7-inch touchscreen to control everything including the TomTom-obtained route, DAB radio, and sound streaming.

The entire justification behind going to the work of placing the motor in the back rather than front and center where every other person (and pretty much every other Renault) does is to let loose space in the lodge, and it’s very quickly clear that it’s worked.

This Renault Twingo Electric 2023 is 10cm more limited than the past front-engined model, yet it figures out how to offer a lodge that is 33cm longer, such is the space saved. The actual motor is mounted underneath the boot floor in the back, housed behind a unique board so you can’t unintentionally get to it while going shopping.

That means a lodge that is one of the greatest in the class, despite the Twingo not being the freshest city vehicle around. Whether you sit front and center or in the back, there is a reasonable plan of legroom accessible in any event, for taller travelers, while the headroom is likewise great, capitalizing on the tall body shape. It’s a disgrace that the front seats, specifically the driver’s seat, are set so high, as this can leave taller drivers feeling wedged under the dashboard regardless of the genuine legroom on offer.

Despite your baggage imparting the back of the vehicle to the motor, the Renault Twingo Electric 2023 offers 188 liters of gear space with the back seats set up, which is somewhat less than a considerable lot of its opponents. You have the choice to shift the back seat backrest to 90 degrees to support the space accessible to 219 liters, however, that makes them to a great extent unusable.

Anyway, you can overlay the back seats to give you 980 liters of room and even overlap the front seat forward to gobble heaps up to 2.3m long. Anybody expecting a second ‘boot’ front and center will be disheartened; the space is taken up with an accident structure and can’t be loaded up with your stuff.

Capacity in the lodge is great as well, with a heap of capacity regions and some smart contacts, similar to the removable sack rather than a glovebox, and space under the back seats, with 51 liters of the room altogether.

The ride quality of Renault Twingo Electric 2023

“Regularly, back-engined vehicles have altogether different dealing with attributes to conventional front-engined, front-wheel-drive vehicles, incompletely because the circulation of weight is unique yet in addition since the drive from the motor is being shipped off the furthest edge of the vehicle. “

Renault Twingo Electric 2023 Front View

That could cause the Renault Twingo Electric 2023 to appear to be a scary recommendation for an unpracticed driver, however, actually, Renault has designed out any similarity to it being precarious to drive.

A major piece of Twingo’s noteworthy capacity in the city is the super-close turning circle. The shortfall of a major chunk of metal in the nose implies the front wheels can be gone up to 45 degrees, giving it a turning circle of 8.59 meters that will cut the number of three-point-turns you’ll have to do as well as making it a lot simpler to get into parking spots.

Be that as it may, to stay away from excessively sharp drivers finding themselves mixed up with inconvenience the controlling itself is low-outfitted; power guiding means it is light, yet it takes a few diverts to go from one lock to another. It doesn’t indulge the Twingo’s driving experience, however, it would be a more pleasant vehicle to drive on the off chance that the guiding wasn’t purposely sluggish.

One more symptom of the motor format is that Renault has made the Twingo’s suspension very firm, which has blended results in the ride quality. More modest blemishes are for the most part sifted through, however over greater irregularities and knocks it will in general drop strongly into them and require a significant period to settle, which can be a disturbance on longer excursions. The Renault Twingo Electric 2023 is adequately achieved to manage most kinds of excursion, however, it is certainly at its best in and out of town.

Motors & gearboxes structures

The least expensive motor choice is the 1.0-liter three-chamber unit, which offers 70PS and 91Nm of force and is mated to a five-speed manual gearbox in particular.

That 70PS is essentially the default standard result for the least expensive of city vehicles, yet additionally, like a large part of the opposition it’s lightweight – 864kg for the lightest renditions – implies that you can pull off such a humble result. The 1.0-liter Renault Twingo Electric 2023 isn’t precisely quick however, not have the option to break 95mph and requires critical utilization of the cogwheels and loads of fires up to gain sensible headway. It’s better around where it doesn’t need to fill in as hard.

Fundamentally better is the 0.9-liter TCe motor, which may be 100cc more modest yet has a super to compensate for it. With 90PS however a more liberal 135Nm of force, the TCe motor is more skilled at taking care of away driving, while the additional force makes it faster away from the traffic signals as well.

There’s no genuine fuel utilization punishment for picking the super choice either; official utilization figures are 62.8mpg and 65.7mpg joined NEDC separately, so even though you’ll pay somewhat more straightforwardly it’s more conservative and has lower CO2 outflows to go with it.

A third choice is the higher-power 0.9-liter TCe motor found in the GT model, however, while the additional exhibition is welcome this top-spec model is more costly to purchase in any case.

The standard five-speed gearbox fitted to most variants of the Renault Twingo Electric 2023 is sufficient yet not especially pleasurable to utilize. The shift activity is a piece unclear and doesn’t feel like it is associated with the remainder of the vehicle. The discretionary double grip programmed functions admirably, particularly the absence of a grasp pedal gives the driver more space for their left foot, however, finding one available to be purchased might be a test.

Refinement & commotion levels

Considering that the motor is further away from you than it would be in a front-engined vehicle, you’d be pardoned for imagining that the Twingo would be a desert garden of quiet.

Unfortunately, that is not the situation; the 0.9-liter motor is the better of the two choices, possibly truly getting rambunctious when fired up hard, yet the 1.0-liter is quick to dissent more often than not and expects you to work it harder all the more frequently as well. Albeit the two choices settle down at a voyage, city driving seldom allows you many opportunities to sit at a consistent speed and let the motor settle, so hope to increase the volume on the infotainment framework frequently.

The remainder of the vehicle is lacking in refinement as well. At lower speeds, the Renault Twingo Electric 2023 is acceptably tranquil, yet outside sound starts to sneak in at humble velocities and wind clamor is additionally horrendously evident time and again, which damages its ease of use beyond the city. On the off chance that you’re sharp or solid, the sub-normal refinement won’t be an issue, yet it stops the Twingo from being as unwinding and amusing to drive as it very well may be.

Euro NCAP tried the Renault Twingo when it was first sent off in 2014, and it scored areas of strength for a star result in general. It scored 78% for grown-up security and an amazing 81 percent for kid insurance, and almost certainly helped by the back motor arrangement it accomplished 68% for person-on-foot alleviation. Euro NCAP likewise granted Twingo 56% for security help.

As standard, all Twingo models are fitted with ESP, front, side, and drapery airbags as well as safety belt pre-tensioners in the front seats as it were. A speed limiter is likewise fitted to all models, which is a helpful security include regardless of whether it requires the driver to oppose the impulse to switch it off, and slope start help is likewise standard across the reach.

What Twingo needs is a portion of the more modern dynamic security frameworks, neither fitted as standard nor accessible as a choice. Programmed crisis slowing down and traffic sign acknowledgment and are not accessible on any trim level, with the sole well-being update being path-keeping help as an expensive choice, and afterward just on Dynamique models or more.

All renditions of the Renault Twingo Electric 2023 are fitted with a tire filling unit as standard, while a space saver or standard size spare isn’t a choice, which for certain purchasers might be something of a staying point. The central concern is that there is no place for the additional wheel to go, as the space under the boot floor is taken by the motor.

MPG and fuel costs

Because of its age, the Twingo’s true fuel utilization figures are under the old NEDC framework, and that implies that even the thirstiest variant – the energetic GT form – deals with a convenient 54.3mpg joined.

Renault Twingo Electric 2023 Rear View

1.0-liter 70PS models offer a guaranteed 56.5mpg, yet a similar motor fitted with the stop/begin framework knocks that up to 67.3mpg, the most practical form in the reach. Forms fitted with the 0.9-liter TCe motor case 65.7mpg consolidated, and 58.9mpg with the programmed gearbox choice.

In genuine driving all variants of the Renault Twingo Electric 2023 ought to offer 40mpg around and over 50mpg out of it, yet either the 1.0-liter with stop/begin or the 0.9-liter TCe motor ought to be the first spot on your list.

Protection gatherings and expenses

Even though there’s little distinction in execution and gear levels across the Renault Twingo Electric 2023 range, the uniqueness between them as far as protection bunches is to some degree amazing. All models fitted with the 0.9-liter TCe motor are classed in bunch 8E, bar the more impressive GT model which is 11E – neither of which ought to be especially costly to protect.

Nonetheless, the 1.0-liter models are evaluated lower still, with Play, Dynamique, and Dynamique S manages set into bunch 3E, and the passage level Expression model a humble 2E. The adjustment of expense between the two limits shouldn’t add up to a gigantic saving, however, if your protection costs are probably going to be high, it very well may merit thinking about the least expensive choice.


The Twingo is one more vehicle that teases around the wizardry 100g/km CO2 edge contingent upon the model and the date of first enrollment, so it merits getting your work done before picking a model and looking at the classifieds. For instance, the fundamental 1.0-liter Expression will cost you £20 every year assuming that it was enlisted before the first of May 2016, £30 on the off chance that was enrolled before the first of April 2017, and £150 a while later.

The pick of the reach is the Dynamique and Dynamique S models – both motor choices get stop/begin as standard – and are without ved whenever enlisted before the first of April 2017. Tragically, they cost £150 a year after that date, so you could save yourself a decent amount by picking a marginally more seasoned vehicle.

What amount would it be a good idea for you to be paying for a utilized Renault Twingo Electric 2023?

“A speedy inquiry of the EVRANKS classifieds turned up a lot of Twingo’s of shifting detail and scope of ages, so you ought to have the option to track down a guide to suit your financial plan. As new Twingo’s formally went off the deal in 2019, the most recent variants are from that year, with a low mileage Dynamique model and the 0.9-liter TCe costing around £10,000.”

At the opposite finish of the scale, the earliest 2014 vehicles will generally be around the £4,000 mark. Indeed, even these early vehicles will generally have moderately low mileages – we tracked down a 2015 vehicle with only 17,000 miles, so there are genuine models even at the lower end of the cost section.

The model design for the Twingo changed a little during its lifetime, yet the essential Expression stayed consistent all through, with the key highlights being DAB radio with Bluetooth, far-off focal locking

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